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Help me Choose - Air Treatment Machine (Purifier)

  • 9 August 2023
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Help me Choose - Air Treatment Machine (Purifier)
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Need help choosing your next Air treatment machine?

If you’re struggling or you’re just looking for inspirations for the next purchase, we can help!

From singular room purification to open plan living spaces, air purifiers help improve indoor air quality and give you peace of mind that you’re breathing cleaner air at home. We know choosing the right one for your particular need can be challenging, that’s why our team have created a NEW dedicated journey to help make it even simpler. 

By completing a handful of questions, to better understand your needs, the ‘Help me Choose’ journey returns 3 criteria matching recommendations - these questions vary between ‘In-home activities’, ‘Type of belongings and Pets’, ‘Spaces to Purify’ and ‘Needs or Concerns’. All you’ll need to do is make a selection from those on-screen options. 

I’ve shared my own results below: 



We’d love to hear if you’ve used this journey, and which recommendation you've chosen. Leave us a reply, letting us know below.


If you’re still stuck or wanted to learn a little more about choosing the right Air treatment machine, why not visit our ‘How to choose the best air purifier’ article on the Dyson Newsroom. 

Alternatively, simply ask our community members for their input by posting a question. The best place to do this is in our Ask the Community forum.


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Hi @CurlyBee,

Thanks for your feedback on this! 

Dyson purifier filters aren’t washable because they capture the unwanted particulates and gases from the air, and we don’t want to let these escape. As a consumable part, our engineers strive to ensure they have the longest life possible. Glass HEPA media is used, which typically has a longer lifespan than other filter media, to make sure it needs to be replaced as infrequently as possible. In most regions, based on 12-hour usage per day, a purifier would need a new filter as little as every 12 months.

Additionally, recycled material is used in the Dyson Purifier Cool™ Formaldehyde machine, made from 21.5% recycled plastic by weight. And our latest purifier filters contain 85% recycled plastic in the filter frame, resulting in a reduction of virgin plastic.

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Very disappointed that we have to buy expensive, non-washable filters for these things.  I loved it until I got a filter error and found out that I had to replace it with something that’s just going to sit in a landfill.  Do better, Dyson.

Won’t start from my iPhone? … otherwise has been a great asset