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Assembly, instructions and service issues with V15 Detect Absolute

  • 29 December 2023
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I recently bought a Dyson V15 Detect Absolute directly from Dyson.  After I opened the packaging, I spent more than an hour trying to follow the included assembly instructions, but the parts shown on the instructions did not match the parts that were included in the package sent to me.  I tried looking for more instructions on the Dyson website and elsewhere.  Although I found several videos for the model I ordered, none of them showed the same parts as the unit that was shipped to me.  I then tried the customer service line.  To make a long story short, I waited for periods from 18 minutes to 48 minutes in my 4 or 5 calls.  When I finally was connected there was one nice gentleman who had me send pictures of all the parts I received then sent me a video, which also had different parts than the machine I had.  He promised to stay on the line and confirm that he was going to ship me the parts I needed to assemble the machine.  He hung up and I called again, and waited and waited and waited. Then I received a message that indicate that there was a way to assemble the parts that I did receive.  This solution, which was a video produced by a consumer who obviously had had the same problem that I had, involved using the brush attachment to connect the main body of the vacuum to the long tube to which accessories are attached.  This did get the machine running but made it impossible to use the brush as an accessory on the accessory end of the connecting tube.

So I have a working machine with no brush accessory that can be attached to the long tube to provide a usable reach for use of the brush.  This was the worse consumer experience I have ever had--long, long waits to reach anyone at Dyson, with phone options that did not relate at all to the machine I had purchased, instructions included in the package which did not reflect the machine I bought, Dyson videos that supposededly showed how my machine could be assembled but showed parts that I did not have, customer service reps that hung up on me, a customer service rep whose foreign accent was so thick I could not understand him.  All in all, a really, really bad experience.

Can anyone tell me how you can use the accessory brush on the end of the tube to reach spots that you want to vacuum when it has to be buried in the other end of the tube to connect the tube to the motor to put the machine together?


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Hey there @rkell I am really sorry to hear about the bad experience with the new V15 Detect Absolute. That wand is called a quick clean wand. Its made so that the brush always stays attached to the machine so you can simply remove the wand and use the brush tool when needed.