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Using The Fluffy Optic Head On Rugs

  • 19 January 2024
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I am deciding between a V12 Detect Slim Absolute & and a V12 Detect Slim Submarine. The Submarine does not come with a motorbar cleaner head for carpets but has a mopping wet head which would be useful to have. I only have 2 Persian rugs and the pile is not not deep. I tried using a friend's V12 Detect Slim with the Fluffy Optic head on them and that seemed to work although not as smoothly as with a motorbar cleaner head. Can I use the Fluffy Optic head (presumably designed for hard floors on ) on the rugs without damaging them or the head? If so, I will get the Submarine for the added mopping wet mopping head. Thanks


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@Mikey8811 Usually all of those models, both the Submarine and otherwise will include the Motorbar - which is a spinning, bristled head, designed to clean all flooring types -  hard and soft.

Actually, in my country it doesn’t. They sell the V12S Submarine with the Submarine and Fluffy Optic heads at most retailers. You can only purchase the one with all 3 heads ie. with the Motorbar head as well at Dyson showrooms for a premium. I purchased the regular set and am wondering if it is worthwhile to purchase the Motorbar head separately from Dyson as I only have 2 low pile rugs.

It is disappointing that Dyson opts to charge ‘add on’s” for everything considering the customer is already paying so much for a vacuum. So as it is the V12S Submarine is only good for hard floors. If you want to do carpets or rugs, you have to pay more. Most vacuums will do all floors by default.

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Hi @Mikey8811,

Thanks for this additional detail - please can you let us know which country you’re based in so we can make sure we’re providing you with the right information? Sometimes the motorised floor tools and accessories included with our machines vary by country to suit typical homes, floor types and cleaning needs in that region.

In answer to your question, the Fluffy Optic™ soft roller head is optimised for gentle but effective hard floor cleaning. It’s suitable for occasional use for surface debris pickup on very low pile rugs. But for the best performance on carpeted floors, we would recommend using the Motorbar™ cleaner head. The motorised brush bar includes stiff nylon bristles which sweep into the pile to agitate and release trodden-in dirt and clinging hair and fibres.

@Jack I am in Malaysia. I know for sure the V12 Submarine does not come with a Motorbar head because I bought one form a high street retailer. Then I discover that the Dyson stores do sell one with a Motorbar head at a premium. As I said, in this country, the impression that Dyson gives is everything comes at an add on price. The amount I paid for the V12 Submarine is not unsubstantial but to be able to vacuum carpets or rugs you have to pay an additional amount. All vacuums I have ever purchased to date do both hard floors and carpets without necessitating a head change and commensurate upsell.

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Hi @Mikey8811,

Thanks for your reply!

We have separate motorised cleaner heads for carpeted and delicate hard floors, as in each case that means we can fine-tune pickup performance for larger and smaller debris, clinging fine dust and allergens, and human and pet hair on these surfaces. 

We appreciate your feedback, and I’ll be happy to make sure it’s passed along to the right teams for you.