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V10 Cordless Battery Dies after 20-24 months??

  • 7 November 2022
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I have several Dyson products and I think they are all really great.  Bought the V-10 cordless 2 years ago and I have really taken good care of it.  The battery dies at about the 24 month point (just after warranty expiration).  I have taken care of the machine and battery and also tried Dyson’s trouble shooting tips - But the battery will not hold a charge for more than 38 seconds.  A new battery is $130 through Dyson and I would hate to have to do this every 2 years.  Any thoughts/suggestion?  


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7 replies

Hello @szfaber.

As you can probably imagine, battery life and overall lifespan can vary greatly from one household to another. Things that can affect overall battery health and life include how the machine is used and stored, how well it’s being maintained, and even how often the filter(s) are cleaned. For that reason and all these variables, we’re not able to place a guarantee on the overall life of your battery. Having said that, batteries are replaceable, and when purchased direct via Dyson, will come with their own product guarantee. There are some rare times as well when we’ve had an owner think an issue is caused by the battery, but it could be something else (ie: charger).

Please get in touch via WhatApp so we can run you through some quick and easy troubleshooting checks: To do this, simply click on our Guides and manuals link, navigate to the ‘Contact us’ section of the page and start a WhatsApp conversation.

If you do need a replacement part, we can help you find the right one, and confirm if it’s covered by your Dyson guarantee.

Best wishes,


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Thank-you for the reply.  I have taken very good care of the machine (filters, charger, etc) and not abused it.  We have three other Dyson products and are familiar with their care.  I found another site where a few people had the same issue with the battery dying at about the 20-24 month point.  It appears the only next step (I have done all the troubleshooting and checked the charger, etc) is to purchase a new battery.  My warranty for this machine expired this past August  -So that is not an option.  

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Hi @szfaber 

A very frustrating predicament. Battery failure is very unpredictable. Sadly it can’t be tracked back to just one cause, a combination of sources can influence the capacity, discharge and operation. It’s important to highlight this doesn’t just effect vacuum batteries but any that are rechargeable. 

@kellym mentioned a few of the most common causes and although you could have taken the utmost care, degradation can still occurs.

Overcharge, undercharge, discharge, temperature, humidity, maintenance and prolonged impact/damage are only a few examples. This isn’t something you can track back. With all these possibilities, as a standard, heavy duty battery manufacturers will only ever cover them for a 1 - 2 year duration. 

These warranty terms mean you’ll be able to obtain a replacement within this time. If this window elapses, there is no requirement for any business to provide a replacement. The only solace manufacturers can really offer for purchasing replacements or investing in new technology, is that the battery development has come a long way in such a short amount of time. In some cases, they’ve doubled or tripped their capacity and runtime.


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Yes, agreed.  Just seems like an expensive part to replace every two years on a nearly $500 cordless vacuum.  Nothing can be done and I will just need to replace it.  Cheers.

I wouldn’t say we’ve done anything different in storing or charging our vacuum. The battery is still going strong after 4 years.

I think some batteries just fail. It’s just unlucky it’s happened to you right after the warranty expired.


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Hi 🖐

I have a very very old dc35 and never needed a battery.

We store it in the garage, and it’s used to clean out the car from time to time. The charge isn’t the same as it was when we got in 10 years ago, but it does what we need it to. 

We needed several new parts a few years ago and booked it in for a repair at cost. They don’t offer it on my model anymore, but I am sure they will on yours. It’s £99 including the battery in the UK. Might be slightly different in another country. 

Book a repair - UK

Best of luck,


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Thank-you all for the comments and suggestions.  I have ordered a replacement battery and as some have said - Just bad luck with this battery.  Still a great vacuum!!