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V12 Detect Slim Cordless - Runtime inaccurate

  • 19 March 2023
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I got a v12 Detect Slim Cordless on February 7, 2023.  It was getting 45 minutes of use on a full charge.  As of a few days ago, it gets no more than 34 minutes of use from a full charge. Is this normal degradation? 

I realize battery life can vary depending the frequency of use, surface cleaned, and type of tool used. Admittedly, I use my vacuum almost daily. I have consistently used the same two tools (combo and laser fluffy - light on) and only on terrazzo floors.  

My apartment is only 600 square feet and it doesn’t take me that long to vacuum, so this rapid decline of battery use time concerns me? 

Thanks in advance for your insight.  


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2 replies

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Hard to believe the battery would be degrading after this short time. I would be more inclined to look at the tools/accessories and the power mode you’re using when cleaning and to check that it’s been calibrated. Check the following:

If you’ve ruled out the use of different tools/power modes being the culprit, there are two other areas to consider:

  1. Calibration. To achieve the maximum run time, the machine must first be calibrated. The machine should be fully charged approximately five times. Between charges, use the machine until it has no battery remaining.
  2. Charging. You may want to check the power supply or charger being the culprit - lack of connection to charge the vacuum could result in a reduced charger. 

If you’re still not getting the runtime stated above on, give their website a review. There are a few diagnostic steps I’ve previously used. Support for your Dyson V12 Detect Slim™ vacuum


I’ve got the same issue to the point where they have replaced the body and the battery twice