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Dyson Zone™ filtration, explained​

  • 22 August 2023
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Dyson Zone™ filtration, explained​
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Ever wondered how the Dyson Zone™ headphones captures city pollution, including gas, allergens and particulate matter? We’ve worked with our production and engineering team at Dyson to bring you the answer!

We’d love to hear how you’re using your Dyson Zone™ headphones to combat city pollution - share your insight below for a chance to win a Dyson Community badge 😁


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I appreciate these little videos with the actual engineers (vs some spokesperson reading a script) and their enthusiasm on a product they worked on.  These mean more to me than a “influencer” video where they feel they need to  be over the top when trying to showcase a product.

For me and my daily story, I work in Hollywood, CA. This is one of the most dirtiest places in LA. Tourists are totally gobsmacked when they drive through and see the dirt, and other anti-social nuisances in some places in random sections, tent cities... It is a lot different from what you see on TV.

I park in a lot about a block away from the building of my employer. I walk right next to a hotel on the backside of it down an alley. The exhaust smells of the hotel (laundry smells, exhaust from the AC units, other random pollutants from hotels) plus dried urine (unhoused people linger around, there's a club nearby where many times people will relieve themselves because the lines to the potty are backed up) and dirty, air in general make for an interesting potpourri of smells. :)

This walk is about maybe 2-3 minutes ish but it is the perfect use case for the zones. Once or twice I will pull out the phone and see the display and watch the graphs react to the surrounding air and noise pollution which is cool to see, but mostly i just pop them on and go.

The zones will not filter EVERY smell, but whole-lee-mackerel does it filter out the overwhelming majority of this cocktail of smells, leaving you with air that smeeeeeellllllllsssssssss freeeeesssssssshhhhh!!!! 🤓