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Festive Decoration - Ideas

  • 15 November 2022
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Festive Decoration - Ideas
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Hello everyone!

My dear darling wife is Dyson mad!

This year she’s planning on decorating the Dyson’s for Christmas! Tinsel wrapping on the cordless dock, a bauble between the purifier amp!

We’d love to hear and see what others have done in previous years or are even planning this year! 

Kirby 🎄🎄🎄


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6 replies

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Hey @Kibbleb!

This is a fantastic idea! It would be great to see some photos closer to the time.

In recent years. I’ve placed a jingly bell on the robot and programmed Alexa to play festive music at the same time as giving the clean command. It’s like having my own Christmas helper cleaning up after me, in a festive mood 😀.

This could be something you consider with the purifier, using one of the voice control products to set a programme.

We’ve actually not done anything in recent years! I am very tempted

Maybe I’ll borrow an idea from the r/dyson Reddit channel - Do you think my wife will be able to guess what Dyson product I bought her for Christmas?


Hello everyone! 

I’ve never gone as far as decorating my Dyson. Like @Stuart I’ve created a routine using Alexa. 

For anyone that’s interested and wishes to duplicate my routine, I found this to be increasingly simple.


  1. Open the Alexa App. 
  2. Click ‘More’, ‘Routines’ and click the (+) icon
  3. Name the routine, set an phrase/statement you speak for when it should trigger
  4. Add ‘Actions’.
    1. In my case, I first instruct my Smart Plug to turn on, which in-turn switches on the Christmas Tree lights. 
    2. I have the local radio station playing Christmas Music 
    3. Using ‘Smart Home’ I then programmed my Purifier to turn on using the Auto feature
    4. I’ve additionally programmed my robot (R2D2) yo start a clean.

To turn everything off remotely, you’d need to create another routine instructing each ‘Action’ to do the reverse. 

It is worth noting, to do this through Alexa, first you’d need to connect your Dyson using the Voice Control features in the App. 

I hope this helps. 


Love seeing/hearing about all these creative ideas.  Keep them coming! 

Our kids love Dyson! We’re buying each of them one of these for Christmas! Toy Dyson


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Our kids love Dyson! We’re buying each of them one of these for Christmas! Toy Dyson


OMG this is just too adorable! They have their own store on Amazon! They even sell toy Supersonics and fullsize cleaners that can be emptied! I might just have to buy my nephew one!