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what is the best way to purifying a room using HP07?

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I am using HP07 in my son bedroom. What is the best way to keep the room purified?


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Hi @Peggy Be,

I always suggest using Auto mode to start with. This helps to take any guesswork out of which airflow or temperature setting to use. When you utilize Auto mode in your HP07, the machine's sensors will adjust the settings of the machine, according to the air quality and temperature that you set yourself. You can read more in this article here: Using Auto Mode

If you wanted your son's room to remain a certain temperature, for example, you can set that target temperature. If the room temperature falls below that, your machine will kick on the airflow to bring the target temperature back to that set level. When the target air temperature or air quality levels are met, you'll notice a pause in the machine. The machine will continue to monitor both temperature and air quality, and switch the machine back on when either drop. 

When you use auto mode, the airflow speed can go as high as 10, which will ensure that you're maintaining a good air quality reading. When the machine is also in Auto mode, airflow speed will be controlled automatically to simultaneously purify the air and reach the target temperature. Press the cool air button to switch the appliance to cold air. You can manually change the airflow speed between 1 and 10.

I hope you’ve found this information helpful! Do let us know if you still have any other questions.

Best wishes,


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Hi @Peggy Be 

I use the Keeping your purifier performing at its best | Dyson Community as a mental checklist when moving our purifier and cleaning it. I thought that it could help you to keep the room purified. 

Emma :)

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Thank you!