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Community Newsletter – October 2022

  • 4 November 2022
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Welcome to October’s edition of our community newsletter.

As with every newsletter, I like to start off by welcoming all our new members, those that are returning and to everyone that’s still considering joining us. It’s truly great to have you here. From the moment you hit the homepage, interact with articles, leave likes, a comment or simply create your own topic, it all help! Keep up the great work.

Let’s make a start… 


Message Automation

Another exciting feature comes to the Community this month, automation of our onboarding communications. We’ve now able to automate messages to our registered members at set intervals, after a 30-day and 90-day duration.

These messages have a slightly different purpose for us, however. We’re focusing on engagement through highlighting some of our top trending areas and discussions. We believe bringing attention to these spaces will help when/if our members find themselves posting a question or responding to one.

Keep a look out in your community inbox!


Tips and Tricks – Redesign

We continue to innovate the community; in the latest iteration we’ve redesigned the ‘Tips and tricks’ subcategory. Whereas before, we highlighted the three latest tips at the top of the page, we’ve started to include those articles that incorporate our entire range. Hair Care, Corded and Cordless vacuums, as well as the Purifier range.

This provides our visitors a view of tips from across our entire range, designed to help everyone get the best out of their machines.


MyDyson™ - Release

Have you heard the news? We’ve got a new way for our owners to register their machines and unlock exclusive benefits. The MyDyson™ experience has been updated to support you with everything you need, all in one place.

We’re update some of our community content to follow suit. Renamed the ‘Dyson Link App’ to the ‘Dyson App’, creating a knowledge article and a fixed link on the homepage, to guide our owners through the new MyDyson™ experience.

Read more about MyDyson™ through our ‘Joining MyDyson™ and registering your machines’ article.  


What’s next?

We’re putting the final plans in motion and testing an exciting area of the Community, an exclusive Members Only category. Look out for an update in our next newsletter.


That’s it. As always, we’ll be posting regular updates in our ‘Content calendar’, letting you know what our most recent additions are. If you have a suggestion for future content or just simply wish to provide feedback, let us know in the comments below.

Speak to you all again very soon

2 replies

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Hi @Stuart,

If the community expands and gathers in more users, I guess it would be great to have the community in other languages as well. Actually, I’m also not a native English speaker, nor in the English speaking region. Hope this gets into consideration as well!



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Hi @Jay

Great to hear from you! 

We’re working on a few very exciting Community lead projects at Dyson HQ, including the expansion into other languages. 

There isn’t anything concrete I can share on this just yet, but I hope to include an announcement in either our Christmas or New Years newsletter. 

2023 should be a big year from us 😀!