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Dyson Vis Nav unable to locate dock - Help!!

  • 18 August 2023
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My 360 Visnav tells me to return to dock but it’s on the dock.  Called Dyson they said it maybe a faulty dock.  I now have to return the dock before they’ll send another one out.  I understand if it was the actual matchine.  It’s a bit of plastic not even the power cord! Disappointing!


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6 replies

I’ve never heard of them asking for a part back before it’s replaced. I’m not even sure how they would logically track it back. Aren’t all the part sent via standard post. If I were you, I’d 100% challenge it...

Have you tried relocating the dock, wiping the sensor nodes or the charging pins over? Check the charging cable and make sure its powered! 

These can give some direction!


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Hi @Pascal 

Can i ask you a few questions to help solve this issue for you. I aslo have a 360 Vis Nav and it works fine when finding the dock.


1. Are the Checker Board Symbols visible from the doorway of the Room?

2. Do you have any pets?

3. Is the Dock located near a bright area like under a Window or Near a Bright Light?



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Hi @Pascal

I can relate with how frustrating it is when technology goes wrong, especially when it’s key to the operation of the unit! 

It look like our other members have share some great advice and suggestions on things to try - whilst I recommend following the advise shared by our team, there are some simple troubleshooting you can try that night solve it ahead of a replacement.

  1. Start with our My robot is not docking correctly, what can I do? article - this is packed with tips to help fix the issue.
  2. Read our Setting up the dock article, ensuring the ‘Setup’ processes have been followed and the unit is plugged in and powered.
  3. Make sure the unit is clean, and the sensor points are free from dust and debris. Read the Cleaning your robot and the sensor article for tips.

If these fail, a replacement dock would be best - our local team can support you here. 



So my dock was replaced a week ago and started working again. And now the robot has died.  It has this error 19.10.-1.  Really Dyson this is really becoming a bad experience.  I’ve had the machine three months maybe.  What is this error?  

Copied from - Dyson 360 Vis Nav - Software error


Sounds like a software fault to me. Have you called Dyson? They’ll be able to provide you with a fault reason, based on the code. Nothing I’ve seen happen here before. 

If the fault is a software mis-match, you’ll have to reset the unit. 

if it’s a hardware fault, they’ll most probable replace it for a like-for-like unit.