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Dyson HP04 filter issues - Combi vs Standard

  • 6 April 2023
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Hello!  I’m new to this forum because this is the first issue I’ve had with my Dyson (I have 3 different).  I have an HP04 - Dyson Pure Hot+Cool.  We bought this machine in 2019 -used it everyday - changed the filters when required and all was fine until the last filter change.  I ordered a new filter, through Dyson, tried to install it and it’s not recognizing.  To clarify things a bit - originally this machine had a (for lack of a better term) 2 system filter.  You first put in the charcoal and then the other one went in front. Well, Dyson changed to an all in one filter and since then it gives me an error for the 2nd filter.  I’ve called the support desk - who told me to take it in to the service center.  I did that and I was told it needs a new motherboard and the motor was blown.  WTH!!!  This machine is only 3 years old…. I’ve reset it several times and every time it appears to be looking for the 2nd filter!  The fan still works although I’m not sure how - since the service center says it needs new motherboard & motor - both, buy the way, are no longer available to get.  Anyone else have this issue?  Am I totally out the almost $600 - if so, I’m not sure I’ll be purchasing any more Dyson products.  HELP!!!


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Hi @kakatc84

The service centre gave you bad information. You won’t need to install a new motherboard or motor. You’ll have to manually reset the second filter to bypass the on-screen notification. 

Resetting the air treatment machine's filter(s) | Dyson Community


Combined HEPA and Activated Carbon filter

Earlier version of the Generation 2 Purifiers, HP04, TP04 and DP04 we supplied with a duel HEPA and Inner Carbon Filter. Where a Combined HEPA and Activated Carbon filter has been sourced as a direct replacement on these models, both filter will need to be manually reset. 

The filter life through the onboard LCD screen and In-App is calculated using the same metrics and will continue to accurately report the correct percentage (%) and percentage (%) decrease over time.



The latest generation filters will work. The hardware on your model just won’t detect it as a single filter. Until Dyson patch, you’ll continue to reset both each time. The alternative is to purchase the two filter option. 

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your Dyson HP04. It sounds like you've already tried resetting the machine and contacted Dyson's support desk for assistance. Since the service center has informed you that the motherboard and motor are no longer available, it's possible that the machine may not be repairable.

However, before giving up on the machine, I would suggest trying the following steps to troubleshoot the issue with the filter:

Make sure that the new filter is installed correctly. Follow the instructions provided by Dyson to ensure that the filter is installed properly. Double-check that the filter is fully seated in the machine and that all of the clips and tabs are securely in place.

Try cleaning the filter compartment. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away any dust or debris that may be interfering with the filter detection system.

Check for any software updates. It's possible that there may be a software update available that could resolve the issue with the filter detection system. Check the Dyson website or contact their support desk to see if there are any updates available for your machine.

If none of these steps resolve the issue with the filter, then it's possible that there may be a hardware problem with the machine. In that case, you may need to consider replacing the machine or finding a third-party repair service that can repair the motherboard and motor.