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Dyson TP02 – Air quality sensor fault

  • 11 May 2024
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I’m getting the “Air quality sensor fault” message for my TP02. The machine doesn’t get any temperature or humidity level reading. This doesn’t allow me to turn the machine into the ‘AUTO’ mode from the app.


This is a new machine, I just activated the warranty.


The problem is very similar to the one described in this post earlier.



I tried all the recommended steps:

  1. Turning the machine on and off.
  2. Reinstalling the MyDyson app.
  3. Removing the machine from the app and adding it back.
  4. Returning the machine to it’s factory state.

None of these steps helped.


I brought my machine to the Certified Dyson Service Center and they weren’t able to help! According to them, they replaced the sensor but the problem didn’t go away “which means that the problem was with the software, not the hardware”.


Dyson reference number: 9141096472.


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