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Minimum Air Speed

I have a Dyson Pure Cool.

Is it possible to set a minimum air speed?

For example, as it's hot at night I want it to blow at air speed 2 all night unless when it detects something for which it needs to go to a higher speed. And after it clears the air it then settles back down to the minimum speed 2. But not below that.

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Hi @Hans,

Yes. if I recall, there are two ways. 

  1. This has to be set manually. 
  2. Use Auto and Night mode combined. 

Night mode runs the speed really low and with the auto active, it would then take over if bad air is found. 

The links can talk you through this more than I can. 

Using Night mode | Dyson Community

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Good Luck. 


Hi @Hans,

@Charliebrown gave some great information, and is absolutely correct.

You can utilize Auto mode, however that wouldn't always keep your airflow speed at a lower setting, as it would make adjustments as needed, to keep your air quality target in check while the machine is in use. 

Setting your airflow speed manually is a good option; you can set the level from 1-10 and it'll stay there until you switch it or turn the machine off. Your air will be purified continuously, but the unit won't adjust to a drop in air quality. This is a great option if you want the noise or airflow from a fan while you sleep.

Night mode is also great for that use, as it not only dims the display, but the machine will run more quietly. If you set Auto mode, your unit may increase to airflow speed of 4, to adjust to air quality targets. However, you can enter the speed manually in night mode as well. You can customize the settings in your Dyson Link app. 

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

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I see this as the inverse to what I have asked in a other thread just recently. If we could set the limits that auto mode could use, both for normal and night mode then that would satisfy both requests. Have a minimum flow when in normal auto mode, and a maximum for auto in night mode. Seems this could be a useful feature seeing it's asked twice in a somewhat quiet forum. The night mode already limited, but having the ability to change the limit is not there.