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Next Air Purifier release should include a dehumidifier!

  • 8 April 2022
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We’ve seen Dyson Air Purifiers with optional models that can add humidity to the air in dry climates, but for a lot of us (maybe most of us), we need to DEHUMIDIFY more often.

In New Zealand, the humidity here outside ranges from 70-90%, especially towards the north. An all in one air purifier, winter heater, fan AND dehumidifier would be so epic.

I’d suggest that it come in the form of a desiccant style dehumidifier so that it can maintain consistent performance through the full range of temperatures, and also have a constant drain tube option so the water container wouldn’t need to be replaced so often. 

Does anyone else think this would be a good idea in their region of the world?

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Its great to see our owners using the community space to highlight new features and functionalities. Thanks for creating this post.

Whilst there hasn’t been many views or interactions from our other members, I expect this to scale over the next few months. Our main focus over this time is to continue optimising the community, with the eventual launch into the wide web and other Dyson digital functions. This should translate into more visitors and even more members engaging on posts like this. 

Read more about our aims for May and beyond in our month news and updates post - Community News and Updates – April 2022

That said, I will highlight this topic with our development team in the next planning increment and by doing so, it will be used to support us to continually developing exciting technology for future connected machines.

I’ll check back on this post periodically and pass any other comments and suggestions back to our teams.