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Community News and Updates – April 2022

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Welcome to fifth edition of our monthly community newsletter.

As before, I’ll be talking through our growth, content, platform improvements and providing an update on what we’ve been working on behind the scenes. I’ll also be dropping more hints on what we have coming to the platform over the next few months and beyond. Enjoy!


Let’s talk visitors and community growth

With the addition of the Robot vacuum category onto the community, we’ve seen a distinct increase in overall traffic. Increasing our overall visitor count by 32% from that in March.

  • We welcomed just over 41,000 unique visitors. These headed to the community via the Dyson Link App and as direct traffic. This is an increase of 9000+ from the previous month.
  • 115 registered users joined us. This is an overall increase of 6.2%, which is over what we had forecast.

A very warm welcome from our community team to our visitors and newly register members alike.


Let’s talk content

There was yet another marginal increase of topics/replies created month-on-month. With the continued change in seasonal weather, addition of the new category and maturity of our existing Air treatment category, this is something we had expected to see and expect to continue seeing in the next couple of months.

The top three ‘most visited’ categories during this time were:

  1. Ask the Community
  2. Community news and information
  3. Air treatment - Machine maintenance

The top three ‘most visited’ topics/articles during this time were:

  1. Introducing the Dyson Zone™ air-purifying headphones
  2. Air treatment - Cleaning the sensor(s)
  3. Keeping your purifier performing at its best


Let’s talk platform improvement(s)

Refreshed homepage, category, and subcategory imagery

To help us further align with the other Dyson channels, we have continued to introduce an array of illustrated images and subtle improvements across the homepage, category, and subcategory pages.

Most notable, this month we’d introduced.

  1. A refreshed banner image at the top of both our Community homepage and Knowledge Base page. These two images are more inclusive of the full product portfolio on offer from Dyson. This change further includes:
    • A realignment of the title and text box across both pages - These now aligns with the left-hand border. Visitors using mobile devices won’t notice a change, however our desktop visitor will.
  2. The ‘Interesting article’ section is now highlighted through the use of a background colour.
  3. The ‘Dyson Support’ section has had refreshed images imported against the three support options. The ‘Guides and manuals’, ‘Register your machine’ and ‘Spare parts and accessories’ all now show illustrated images. 


Refreshed ‘Tips and trick’ sub-category

As the community expands and our sub-categories become populated with even more helpful content, we wanted a way to surface our ‘most visited’ and instructive articles. To support this endeavour, we’ve introduced ‘featured topic’ to the community.

Using the platforms ‘featured topic’ option, we’ve added 3 topics to the very top of this sub-category page. These topics feature with an image, title, and a label, all of which should help our visitors better navigate the content on offer.

We’ve started by highlighting the following topics and will look at switching these on a regular basis.

  1. Keeping your purifier performing at its best
  2. Air treatment - 7-day scheduling
  3. Keeping your robot vacuum performing at its best


Article Relocation

Prior to today, we hosted two Widgets on our Community homepage. These Widgets were located next to our Community discussion sections, in their own side navigation bar. This side navigation bar is where we highlight platform specific features, such as ‘Popular Tags’, ‘Latest Answers’ and ‘Recently Awarded Badges’ to name but just a few.

With the addition of the Widgets to this area, we realised that we’d been taking up vital space, subtracting away from the experience of our visitors and members. We’ve therefore relocated these to the following locations:

  1. The ‘Content calendar’ Widget has been moved to our ‘ Community news and information’ sub-category. This now features at the top of the page as a thumbnail.
  2. The ‘Product Updates, Widget has moved into the top navigation bar. This now shows next the Community and Knowledge Base options.


What’s next

What’s next you ask?

Throughout the course of May, we’ll continue to implement subtle creative changes to the community. This is to both support the introduction of the rest of the Dyson portfolio of machines to the Community Space, as well as optimising the space for our visitors and registered members.


Sneak Peak

In the last monthly report - Community News and Updates – March 2022 we hinted at enabling the social search options and allowing users to navigate into the community through both the In-App options and browser search results.

I am excited to say that this will be brought forward and will be our main focus throughout May, with an expectant launch in the months that follow. 


That’s it. As always, we’ll be posting regular updates in our ‘Content calendar’, letting you know what our most recent additions are. If you have a suggestion for future content or just simply wish to provide feedback, feel free to create a question or conversation. The best place to do this in our Ask the Community forum.

Speak to you all again very soon!

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