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Using Dyson's UK appliances in the US

  • 16 December 2022
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Hi there, I will be shortly moving to the US from the UK and have a series of Dyson appliances which I would like to continue using. Most importantly I have a Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ Black/Nickel that was purchased in the UK which is barely 2 years old. Can i use this in the US using a step up transformer? Or is there an exchange program at Dyson US which will enable me exchange the UK model with the equivalent US model?


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2 replies

Official I think no. A likewise question was asked and answer taken by Dyson team. 

You will read answer here. Dyson Airwrap - How to use 120Volt in Euraisia? | Dyson Community

I am no correct if team in US will help. Maybe they can give you a new machine?  Maybe you could try reading local warranty? 

Sorry if any is not read right. I struggle with English writing.


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Hello @pseudofreud 

Regrettably, you would not be able to use a machine purchased in the UK here in the States. Our electrical voltage 110/120V would be too low for your product, and using an adaptor or converter can cause damage to your machine. 

While your machine does carry a 2 year limited manufacture warranty, this warranty is against manufacture defects. It does not cover wear and tear, accidental damage, lack of maintenance or incompatibilities due to relocating.

Per Dyson US policy, we would not be able to honor an exchange, as it is not a manufacture defect. If you are relocating to the US permanently, we would recommend purchasing a US model. We offer both new and refurbished machines on


We do have a related Community article that helps to answer this questions. 

Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler - Can I use it abroad/overseas?


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