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Wifi not connecting on my Hot+Cool Purifier?

  • 16 October 2023
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it a 3 months old unit and was connected with wifi and can be controlled on the dyson app before until a week ago we use the cool fan it over night with the timer on. The next day we cannot find it on the app and the wifi is animating, i keep on trying to connect to the wifi as per troubleshoot instructions, it say “Connection Issue we’re having problems connecting your machine to the Wi-Fi network”


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1 reply

@MaricelIf you haven’t changed any of your home networking setup (router, passwords, etc) - 

the best thing to try would be to do a factory reset for your specific model. This will delete all previous network setups on your device, and also delete the Dyson app from your phone at the same time - then start over with the connection process. Give our 'Power Cycling/Restarting/Resetting' the air treatment machine | Dyson Community a read.

If you’re still stuck, head directly to our online support, simple use our Dyson Support link.  

Once here, navigate to the 'Support' option in the top navigation bar and select your machine from the on-screen options.