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AM09 remote issues - Battery running out

  • 17 October 2023
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Hi everyone

I have an AM09 hot and cool. Excellent piece of kit. However it came with a dead remote. I changed the battery and it worked well. However the battery seldom lasts more than 2 weeks. I tried several different brands from top of the range to corner shop cheap ones. The story is the same. The battery on testing still has juice in it, but not enough for the Dyson remote. Has anyone experienced such an issue. The machine is only 5 months old. Many thanks in advance 


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2 replies

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The battery was most likely put in the remote year ago, sitting in a warehouse somewhere until someone purchased it. No wonder it was depleted. 

They recommend using a type CR 2032 battery.

if you’ve already used this, and it’s still depleting at a fast rate, the remote might be faulty. 

I’d order a new remote, or give Dyson a call to get a replacement.

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Thanks. Yes tried several batteries. The remote consumes them like smarties. They still have charge in it when I tested them with a multi meter