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Help: V10 cordless vacuum leaving dust lines on carpet

  • 2 February 2024
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My V10 cordless stick vacuum is leaving dust lines on our dark carpets.

I’ve cleaned the vacuum and Motobar thoroughly following all the online guides, several times now.

I have had the Motorbar™ cleaner head apart and thoroughly washed the brushes and rubber seals, allowed to dry, but within minutes of using the vacuum again, the purple rubber seal at the back of the Motorbar head is leaving these straight dust lines on the dark carpet as the vacuum is pushed forwards.

When you inspect the Motorbar, you can see a visible line of dust collecting on the purple rubber seal, which is where the lines are coming from.

Has anyone else had this problem on dark carpets?

Any help is appreciated.


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2 replies

First of all, clean the motor bar, filters, and dustbin thoroughly, which I am sure you did. Then let the vacuum dry. (Suggestion: Dry the vacuum's body with a radiator overnight).

Clean the carpet by pushing the vacuum slowly, reducing friction by lifting the head slightly. Change directions while pushing the vacuum.

Thanks for the suggestions…

As you said, I’ve cleaned this Motorbar so many times, it’s dust free every time I try… and within minutes these lines are back.

I do change direction slightly when using it as you suggested. I also did try the lifting of the head slightly, but this hasn’t made any difference. As soon as you allow the full weight of the vacuum to support itself again the problem continues.

I’m quite perplexed as to what is causing this.

I’d buy a new Motorbar if I thought it would resolve the problem, but the design is still the same, and I can’t see that anything is really wrong with this one.