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humidifier tank in summer

  • 22 May 2022
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I don’t need the humidifier in the summer months.  Can I leave the tank empty and the humidifier setting turned off or is there a better way to keep the machine in its best condition while not in use?

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3 replies

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Hey @AmyG201 

My husband brought my mother one of the Dyson Humidifiers last year and we’ve not long been over to set it up in fan/purifier mode.

We were planning on using soap and hot water to flush the machine, but I saw a post on here where someone had done this and it left a bad smell when it was being used. Another person suggested they use Citric Acid instead.

We decided to give this a try and deep cleaned using a citric acid solution. Wiping all the components with it and letting it dry out before putting the tank back in empty. I’d 110% recommended doing this over anything else you might read. 

It’s been a few weeks and there is no bad smell, and my mother is happy. 

Mrs Wood.

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I had my husband follow the instructions on this link - Support for your Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool™️ | Dyson.

We just ignored the instruction on refilling the water tank.

Hi @AmyG201 

You can disable the humidification on your Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool for those months when you don’t wish to utilize this feature. 

You can set your machine to auto purify mode, and the on-board sensors will intelligently adjust the settings of your machine according to the air quality. Your machine will pause when the target air quality has been reached, switching on again when the air quality levels drop. The airflow speed will also increase until the target air quality and temperature have been reached.

Read more about Auto mode on our ‘Using Auto mode’ article.

We hope this information is helpful!