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Understanding which Dyson machine I own

  • 24 March 2022
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As the Community now hosts the current portfolio of Dyson machines, it is even more important to understand which generation/iteration you own, especially when talking with other Community members and asking for help. 

We’ve created a number of helpful articles to help you do just that! Simply selecting the appropriate link.

These links go through to machine specific overview pages, which provide descriptions and images to help you better understand your machine and their accompanying Community ‘Tag(s)’. 


Robot vacuum

Understanding which Robot vacuum I own

Cordless vacuum cleaners

Understanding which Cordless vacuum cleaner I own

Corded vacuum cleaner

Understanding which Corded vacuum cleaner I own

Hair care

Understanding which Hair care machine I own

Air treatment

Understanding which Dyson Air Treatment machine I own


Understanding which Light I own

Hand dryer

Understanding which Hand dryers I own


Understanding your machine generation/iteration not only helps when you are searching or browsing for content on the community, where you can filter the content using ‘Tag(s), but in the instances where you may need to create a posts, for either help, support or just to share advice.

Read more on the importance of using ‘Tag(s)’ in our How to get the most out of your posts article. 

If you are still unsure which generation/iteration you own, feel free to post a question to the wider Community. The best place to do this is in our ‘Ask the Community’ subcategory. 

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