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Community News and Updates – May 2022

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Welcome to May’s edition of our community newsletter.

As before, I’ll be talking through our growth, content, platform improvements and providing an update on what we’ve been working on behind the scenes. I’ll also be sharing some very exciting news about what is hitting the platform in June.


Let’s talk visitors and community growth

In early March, we expanded the community to include the Robot Category, since then we’ve seen a distinct increase in traffic month-on-month. In fact, our visitor number grew in May by a whopping 85%.

  • We welcomed just over 76,000 unique visitors. These headed to the community via the Dyson App and as direct traffic. This is an increase of 35,000+ from the previous month.
  • Our registration pool grew by 142, an increase of 7%, which brings us just shy of 2100 members.

Seeing such a significant increase in our visitors and registered numbers is truly a fantastic milestone. It doesn’t only show that the content we are creating is beneficial and is supporting in new and unique ways, but helps by growing our peer support pool, who are untimely our core members. These core members will help by supporting our existing members and our future visitors alike.

A very warm welcome from our community team to our both our new and returning visitors, and members.


Let’s talk content

To coincide with the increase in visitor, we’d seen a 30% increase in the overall number of topics/replies. This continues to track with the change in seasonal weather, the addition of the new category and maturity of our existing Air treatment category.

The top three ‘most visited’ categories during this time were:

  1. Ask the Community
  2. Community news and information
  3. Air treatment - Machine maintenance

The top three ‘most visited’ topics/articles during this time were:

  1. Introducing the Dyson Zone™ air-purifying headphones
  2. Air treatment - Cleaning the sensor(s)
  3. Keeping your purifier performing at its best


Let’s talk platform improvement(s)

New - Homepage, Category, and Sub-category

To help us further align with the other Dyson channels, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to introduce a host of new category areas. These include Floor care, Hair care, Lighting, and Hand dryer. These will bolster our exciting Air treatment, Robot and Voice assistance categories.

To achieve this, we’ve worked closely with our creative leads and category heads ensuring that these new categories are onboarded inline with the recently launched community redesign. With new icons, images, banners, and a host of curated content to help support our owners.

Lastly, to enable us to bring these new categories to the community space, we’ve been working with our Legal and Privacy teams to update the sites Terms and Conditions. Primarily focusing this on removing reference to the ‘Community Trial Phase’ and changing the focus to support ‘all owners of Dyson products’.  


What’s next

What’s next you ask?

Through the course of this week and next, we will be implementing our newly updated Terms and Conditions, making our new categories visible, updating the homepage category sector and amending a host of pre-existing articles to reflect the community moving out of the trial phase.


Sneak Peak

In our previous updates we’d hinted at enabling the social search options and allowing users to navigate into the community through both the In-App option and as browser search results.

With the introduction of our updates Terms and Conditions, new categories, and other platform improvements, we are even close to achieved this.

Do keep a close eye on the Community Homepage over the next few weeks...


That’s it. As always, we’ll be posting regular updates in our ‘Content calendar’, letting you know what our most recent additions are. If you have a suggestion for future content or just simply wish to provide feedback, feel free to create a question or conversation. The best place to do this in our Ask the Community forum.

Speak to you all again very soon!

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