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Community Newsletter - January 2023

  • 6 February 2023
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Welcome to January’s edition of our community newsletter. Our first of 2023! 

With the New Year, we’re welcoming a new tradition, we’re not only planning to share what we’ve been working on behind the scenes, what new and exciting things we have in store, but we’ll be continuing the theme of our December edition, by celebrating our members - In this and future editions, we’ll be highlighted our top contributors, those that have helped to answer the most questions, replied the most and have generally looked to improve the community for all! Look out for this at the bottom of our newsletter. 

First, I’d like to start by continuing a tradition of my own, by warmly welcoming all our new members, those that are returning and to those that’s still considering joining us! It’s truly great to have you here. From the moment you hit the homepage, interact with articles, leave likes, a comment or simply create your own topic, it all helps our community to grow! Please keep up the hard work.

Let’s get started: Here is what we’ve been working on throughout January.


Optimisation - Tags & Category

Wherever you find yourself on the community, be that browsing the homepage, knowledge base, on a particular category or sub-category, we’re always trying to make sure you’re seeing everything that’s relevant to the subject at hand. We’re also keen to ensure open questions get posted in the right place, so the right people that can help.

We’ve been busy optimised our ‘Tagging’ and ‘Category’ process to ensure we’re not missing anything and we’re surface posts in the right place as soon as possible. This should help to reduce the time it takes for another member to reply and provide an answer. 

If you spot something that looks out of place, that’s in the wrong category or has no Tag(s), you can help us by Flagging it to our team. One of us will review it and get it where it needs to go. Whenever we’re making a change like this, our team will leave a messaging letting you know what's changed.


Optimisation - Spotlighted Posts

We’re always on the look out for the next hot topics, those post that we feel should be in the spotlight. These are typically where another member has highlighted a benefit or discovered a unique feature of their machine, and we feel it should be shared with the rest of our community. 

Over the last month we’ve overhauled our ‘Featured articles’ area on the home-screen and used it to feature these owner-led posts! We’re rather pleased we’ve been able to offer this area as an outlet 😀.

These posts include:  


Top contributors 

January saw even more of our members contribute than ever before, and while it’s hard to pick just a few from everyone that was so active, there are three that stand out in the crowd. These are: 

@Spencer - For being the ‘most active person’ across the entire community.

@Eagles - For receiving the most likes across all their responses. 

@WoodenMan - For having his responses marked as the ‘Best answer’.


We had some very close contenders, with 17 other members gaining a similar amount of likes and activity level. I can’t wait to see who takes the top spot in February! 


What’s next…

We’re working on something very exciting that should be hitting the Community later this month! Something we’ve not done anywhere before; we’ll be releasing a series of articles focused on ‘Getting to know your machine’. These articles will focus on tools and accessories, and how best to optimise their use. I’m excited to see these land.


That’s it. As always, if you have a suggestion for future content or just simply wish to provide feedback, let us know in the comments below.

Speak to you all again very soon!


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Shhushhh don’t tell my husband 😋!
Thank you @Stuart. Great to be recognised.