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Cordless V10 Dust Collection - Impressive

  • 3 February 2023
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Cordless V10 Dust Collection - Impressive
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My Mother-in-law is religious with cleaning. She’s methodical with hoovering, never misses an area of carpet or hard wood. She’s against any vacuum that isn’t a Hoover. To my pleasure, her Hoover broke and she HAD to borrowed our Dyson. This is the result after one pass. 

She’s a convert. Already ordering a V15! 🤣

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4 replies

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Yikes! Sometimes all the proof you need is right there in the bin 😁!

Thanks for sharing this, @Kibbleb - we're glad to see your Dyson V10 Cyclone vacuum has done such a great job. Hope your mother-in-law is looking forward to her delivery. And if she needs any help getting started once it arrives, our video guide should cover most of the key pointers: 


This is bloody impressive @Kibbleb!! I dread to think what else the Hoover missed over the years! 🤣🤣

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I had similar this night. My mothers brother borrowed the Dyson. Came back with no room left for dirt in the chamber. It is a miracle it did not stop operation. 🤣