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Community Newsletter - June 2023

  • 12 July 2023
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Welcome to June’s edition of our newsletter.

Hello to all our new members, those that are returning and those that’s still considering joining us, it’s great to have you here! Every time you interacted with an article, leave a ‘like’, comment, suggestion, or feedback, it all helps our community grow 😃!

Let’s start by looking at what our team have been working on this last month. And highlight the NEW content that hit the community in June.


Competition and Polls

On the road to making the community the best place it can be, and growing the platforms content, it's super important that we have your input and insight into our technology. 

We’re therefore trailing something new, Competitions and Polls - each designed to gather input across our categories, with a very specifically goal. To inform our teams on the type of content our owners would like to see featured on the community and beyond, whilst adding a level of fun! So far we’ve posted: 

We have more of these planned over the course of July and August, so keep an eye peeled on the community homepage 🙂!


Announcements/Interesting Reads

As June welcomed Clean Air Day 2023, we thought this was a perfect opportunity to talk about the Dyson investment into Clean Air, highlighting their global undertakings through to those on your doorstep. We did this over a series of articles, which included: 


We’re of course eager to hear what you think, and what the next series is you’d like to see. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 🤗


Top contributors 

The competition to the top spot was just as fierce, and just as incredibly close. We saw two new members reach the victorious spot of ‘Top contributors’ and one who retained their title from last month. These are: 

@samwise (New)

 - For being the ‘most active person’ across the entire community. Leaving the most replies and likes. 

@jamesdean (New)

 - For having more of their replies marked as the ‘Best answer’.

@ernables (2 Consecutive Months)

 - For receiving the most likes across their topics and replies within a single month. 


Congratulations to each of you and please keep up the great work!


That’s it. As always, if you have a suggestion for future content or just simply wish to provide feedback, let us know in the comments below.

Speak to you all again very soon!


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