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Dyson Cordless vacuums: Content Poll

  • 13 June 2023
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Dyson Cordless vacuums: Content Poll
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On the road to making the community the best place it can be, and growing the platforms content, it's super important that we have your input and insight into our technology. 

We’re therefore trailing something new, a series of owner polls - each designed to gather input across our categories, with a very specifically goal. To inform our teams on the type of content our owners would like to see featured on the community and beyond.

In this particular poll, we’d love to have your input on which content we should focus on for our Cordless machines. 

We’ve included an ‘Other’ option and left the comments open - if you have anything outside of these options. please leave us a reply. 

What future content would you like to see for the Cordless category?

5 replies

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I’d be interested in hearing about the engineering story/background development that went into the wet roller head shown in the post picture. 

Dyson don’t produce unboxing content. Maybe you should.

Voted! @Stuart when are the results posted?

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Voted! @Stuart when are the results posted?

Hey @Ed_chill

Thanks for the prompt 😁!

There’s still two days left until closing - although I’ll leave the post open for other to input on in the future. 

Here a snapshot of the results so far: 

Technology facts are edging forward ever so slightly. 


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And the results are in 😁!

‘Technology facts’ wins with 50% of the vote! ‘How to content’ took a firm second with 28%. 

Thanks to those that took part by voting and sharing feedback in the comments section! The result is a great indicator to the next batch of content we should look to share - I am excited to start working on these articles and have them hit the community page through July and beyond.

I’m keen to keep this poll open for the foreseeable future, and will check back periodically for more insights - feel free to keep on voting and sharing feedback. 

Starting Friday, we’ll be publishing more polls and competitions to get your involvement and insight on. Keep your eyes peels 😎!