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Dyson Zone™️ headphones: Getting started

  • 3 May 2023
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Dyson Zone™️ headphones: Getting started
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In this article we take a look at just how to get started with the Dyson Zone™️ headphones.

As the headphone have two unique features, the Purification and Visor, and the Joystick controls, we’ve brought our two ‘Getting Started’ videos into one place. These videos are designed to help you become familiar with the headphones, whilst covering the unboxing, assembly, operation, audio functions, and the process of pairing them to a device. 

To get started, simply click on the videos below. 


Purification and Visor on the headphones

To become familiar with the purification in the headphones and get it set up, we recommend follow the instructional steps in the ‘Getting started with your Dyson Zone™ – purification’ video. 


Joystick control and other audio features

The Dyson Zone™ headphones have a joystick audio controller on the back of the right ear cup. 

This feature allows the wearer to play, pause, control volume, fast-forward, rewind, and skip audio tracks, as well as use Voice assistants to answer and disconnect calls.

This below video features an on-screen demonstration of these controls.


For further help with setting up the headphones, why not visit our knowledge base. Here you’ll find information and answers on connectivity, In-App settings, general maintenance, through to common questions. Alternatively, ask our Community of members for help. Do this by posting a question or creating a conversation in our Headphones category. 


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2 replies

Thanks for sharing! I feel overly prepared after watching these 😉! 

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Thanks for providing the update and the videos Stuart.

I personally think the joystick is a fantastic feature and USP (unique selling point), allowing far more control of your audio, than what is currently on offer from other products out there just now.

I am sure there are loads more features that will firmly place The Zone as a market leader in innovation.

Looking forward to lots more information over the coming weeks.