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Dyson HP07 treat asbergillus penecillium mold?

  • 27 September 2023
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Had a recent air inspection and the living room is coming back with higher levels (twice that of the bedrooms) of asbergillus penecillium which is a common mold spore.  just bought the Dyson hp07 and system is indicating air quality is good. Does this system help get rid off these mold spores? Right out of the box it says air quality is good. 


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4 replies

@cweinfeld10 Absolutely yes, mold spores are much larger than the smallest threshold of particle that any Dyson purifier can collect.

Check out this article for more info:

Will the Air Purifier remove Detected Mold? | Dyson Community

Thanks and would they be classified under PM2.5 or PM10? Sorry, new to this.

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Dyson purifiers will help remove the mould spores within the air, but are not a solution to remove the mould within the home and will not prevent it from returning. 

In answer to the question, spore size can vary, expect to see a spike in both readings. Read more here: What are the common household pollutants? | Dyson Community.


Thanks and if there was any black mold spores in the area will it remove those as well? My system shows that air quality is good and PM10 and PM2.5 is always under 5. I should be good?