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Get the most out of your machine this festive season

  • 20 December 2022
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Get the most out of your machine this festive season
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Over the holidays its easy to predict well be spending more time indoors, cosying up from the cold. It’s therefore important that you keep your machine running at its best.

Here are some of our top helpful Christmas tips on how to keep your home clean this festive period.


Keep pet dander at bay

If your pets are getting cosy over the holidays, stay on top of pet dander. Vacuum fur and microscopic allergens from pet beds and other furnishings with our specialised tools.

Visit our ‘Vacuuming for pets’ article to watch a video and read more on which tools and accessories help to de-tangles hair automatically, remove it from all surfaces and can be used to target pet beds, car seats and stairs, fast. 


Tools for delicate tasks

Choosing the right tools will help with your festive cleaning. Use your smaller, more precise attachments on surfaces to remove excess dust and glitter, without disturbing ornaments and decorations.

For help in choosing the right tool for your machine and home, visit our ‘Vacuum stands, tools and accessories’ store. Simply click on our Guides and manuals link, clicking on ‘Vacuum cleaners’ in the top navigation bar and selecting ‘Accessories’ from the on-screen options. 


Clearing blockages

Make sure your Dyson doesn’t get wrapped up in the chaos. Your machine has been engineered for easy maintenance, with parts that can be removed and cleared of any blockages such as tinsel and ribbons. 

If you get stuck or need further help with removing a blockage, don’t forget we have specially designed articles in our Community knowledge base that can help. These are a great place to start:

  1. Cleaning your robot and the sensor
  2. My cordless vacuum cleaner is making a pulsing noise, what does this mean?
  3. My corded vacuum cleaner isn't picking anything up, what can I do?


Winter filter maintenance

Maintain your Dyson by washing the filter in warm water. Always make sure it's completely dry – try placing your filter by the radiator or in a room with plenty of airflow.

Our Community knowledge base has key articles designed to help you with finding instructions and answering questions on this very topic. These are a great place to start:

  1. Cleaning the robot's filter(s)
  2. Cleaning the filter(s) on your cordless vacuum cleaner
  3. Cleaning the filter(s) on your corded vacuum cleaner
  4. Hair care - Machine maintenance


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