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Dyson dc32 motor - Where to purchase?

  • 14 June 2023
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I need to change my dc32 motor. but I can’t find a dc32 motor. Someone on internet says dyson motors interchangeable but I don’t know which models motor fit dc32, can I replace it with a newer models motor with better vacuum performance?


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Hello @Efe 

Thanks for reaching out. 

Dyson engineers put as much care and attention into developing our tools and accessories as they do into the machines themselves. The tools supplied with your Dyson vacuum will vary depending on which model you own, but our complete range of tools is available from our website - we also have an article on our community that may help you identify the part. Click the Dyson Corded vacuums: Understanding the tools and accessories link.  

If you are having trouble locating the part, or if it’s an internal part of the machine, such as the power motor - this part isn’t sold separately. You’ll need to arrange a repair and have an engineer inspect the machine and install the part. Click the How to: Book a repair with Dyson to get started, 

let me know if you have any questions.

Give their How to: Order spare parts and accessories | Dyson Community post a read. 

There’s a list of parts retailers. If dyson don’t have the part, you might be able to get it from one of these.