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Community Newsletter - February 2023

  • 6 March 2023
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Welcome to February’s edition of our newsletter.

A very warmly welcoming all our new members, those that are returning and those that’s still considering joining us, it’s great to have you here. Every time you interacted with an article, leaving a ‘like’, comment, suggestion or feedback, it helps our community grow 😃!

In our January edition we started celebrating our top contributors from the month - those that have helped to answer the most questions, replied the most and have generally looked to improve the community. This editions no different. Simply look for our ‘Top contributor’ sections below. Before we share who these members are, let’s look at two exciting features our team have been working on throughout February. 


Spotlighted Posts

We’ve always on the lookout for our next hot topics. Posts that we feel should be put in the spotlight. While these have typically been where other members highlighted a benefit or discovered a unique feature of their machine, we’ve expanded it to help highlight bespoke questions too. Those that encourage feedback, sharing of tips and most importantly, help the authors get an answer.

These posts include:  

We’re still rather pleased we’ve been able to utilise this section of the homepage and can’t wait to see what hits the featured list next 😃.

To search for all the posts included as a ‘Spotlight’, enter the phrase ‘Spotlight’ into the search bar and filter the results. For help with searching, read our article on Searching and posting.


How to: Campaign 

We’ve been working on something rather exciting, some of which we’ve already been releasing across the site. It’s a series of articles focused around ‘Getting to know your machine’, how best to optimise their use and the accessories that come with them. To date, these include:

Across March we’ll be releasing the next phase of this series, which will featuring our Hair Care range and their accessories. Watch this space 😃! 


Top contributors 

While it’s hard to pick just a few from everyone that was active, there were three members that stand out in the crowd. Even beating our last month’s winner to the top spot. These are: 


 - For being the ‘most active person’ across the entire community. Leaving a reply almost every day! 


 - For having more of their replies marked as the ‘Best answer’ - beating Samwise to spot by just 1!


 - For receiving the most likes against a single topic - including some great before and after shots using the Flyaway attachment. 

Congratulations to each of you and please keep up the great work!


That’s it. As always, if you have a suggestion for future content or just simply wish to provide feedback, let us know in the comments below.

Speak to you all again very soon!


1 reply

@Stuart. A GREAT start with How to: Style your hair using either the hair dryer, straighteners or airwrap multi-styler 😍! I’m already INSPIRED!

Well done to everyone that won 😋