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How to: Clean carpets, remove stains and which accessories to use

  • 16 February 2023
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How to: Clean carpets, remove stains and which accessories to use
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Despite the popularity of carpets and rugs in homes around the world, few people are confident on how to maintain and clean them. On top of regular cleaning to prevent the visible build-up of dust and dirt, understanding how to manage embedded fine dust and remove stains can be a challenge.

In answer to the question of how to clean carpets, the method of cleaning and how to remove stains, the team at Dyson have pulled together their top tips and advice. 


How to clean your carpet

Vacuum slowly

Vacuuming slowly gives the airflow and brush bar more time to “agitate” the dust and dirt between the carpet fibres and remove them entirely. It also means you are more likely to capture invisible allergens hidden deep in the carpet pile.

Go over the same spot – but not too often

More passes over an area will give the vacuum the best chance of cleaning carpet well, but any more than two or three times gives minimal increase, according to our research in the laboratory.

Use the right accessories

While it may seem like an effort to change tools mid-vacuum, this will help you remove dust you can see, and dust you can not. Use a crevice tool to clean hard to reach places round the edge of the carpet, or a mini-motorised tool to remove dust buried in thick pile rugs.

Do not forget the places you can not see

While they may not be top of mind, areas under sofa cushions, furniture and in curtain creases can harbour dust and potentially millions of dust mites and their feces. Once these are disturbed, they can become airborne and easily inhaled. This in turn can trigger allergies, so ensure you do not neglect them in your frequent cleans. Mini-motorised tools are ideal for hidden corners of soft furnishings, while soft brush tools or Combination tools can gently remove dust from curtains and bookshelves.


How to remove carpet stains

Beyond day-to-day cleaning, there are times when carpets need extra attention. Stains can be made up of a number of chemicals or chemical components, so you may need to use a variety of methods to remove them from your carpet. But understanding which type of cleaning products are best for the job can be difficult and potentially dangerous.

Vacuum the stain – if it is dry

Avoid wiping substances like ground coffee and spices - water can make the stain worse and even permanent. If you have a surface level stain or spill, try vacuuming it first – unless it’s already a wet stain. Moisture can have a negative impact on the mechanics of your vacuum.

Start slowly with soap and water

Carpets are usually dyed fabric, so if you use a product that is too strong on a stain, you risk removing the carpet dye too. Start by delicately blotting the stain with a surfactant, which is typically warm water and soap. This will work to break down or emulsify oil stains like grease or butter and will not put your carpet at too much risk. Watch out for delicate rugs though, as the dyes could be impacted by certain soaps.

Try a biological treatment

For protein, starch or lipase-based stains, like blood, grass and chocolate, an enzymatic solution can work well. Enzymes work by breaking down large molecules into smaller, more soluble ones. Use warm water and biological laundry detergent and gently blot the stain until it has dissolved.


Read the full article on carpet care, including some additional insight into stain removal, by clicking on our ‘How to clean carpet’ link.

If you’d like to share your own tips on cleaning, feel free to add these below. Any other tips you’d like to share, please post them in our ‘Tips and tricks’ section on the Community homepage.

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