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How to: Clean hardwood floors, remove stains and which accessories to use

  • 21 February 2023
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How to: Clean hardwood floors, remove stains and which accessories to use
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We all have different approaches when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors. In many homes, families are accustomed to spending time on the floor – whether it is children playing, sitting to watch television or even having meals together on a low table.

With this, achieving a “barefoot clean” is essential. We explore different cleaning methods and habits to understand what really works best when aiming for “barefoot clean” on hardwood floors - as well as what does not.

In this article we look to answer questions on the importance of hardwood cleaning, how to build this into a daily routine and how to remove stains. 


Top tips to keep your hardwood floors dust free and clean

Vacuum Daily

Vacuuming the high traffic areas in your home ensures that dust does not build up in any areas.

Use the right brush head to avoid scratches

The Dyson soft roller head (Fluffy) is specially made for hardwood floors and coated with antistatic carbon fiber filaments removes dirt and fine debris.

Use the right accessories

While it may seem like an effort to change tools mid-vacuum, this will help you remove dust you can see, and dust you can not. Use a crevice tool to clean hard to reach places.

Vacuum before mopping

It might seem like double the work, but it is important to try to remove all the dust in your home first. If the dust is not removed fully prior to wet cleaning, then it can be smeared across hardwood floors when the mop function is used, potentially leaving a dirtier rather than a cleaner floor.


How to remove hardwood floor stains

While hardwood floors can be fairly straightforward to maintain, they are still susceptible to wear and tear over time, as well as stains. Stains are made up of a number of chemicals or chemical components, so it is important to understand what cleaning products you can use for the type of stain.

Start slowly with soap and water

Metal surfaces can present as a corrosion risk if you use products that are too abrasive – always start with some warm water and soap to see if stains can be removed first.

Act quickly with stains on marble flooring

Marble is a porous stone material – leaving stains on your marble flooring may result in permanent damages. For oil-based stains, which can comprise of common household items like cooking oil, milk, butter or even hand lotion, use a liquid cleanser that contains household detergent, mineral spirits or acetone.

Use bleach-based products sparingly

Some stains, like tea, coffee or red wine cause discoloration and so you may need to apply a bleach-based product to these kinds of stains – but only in sparing amounts. Always test the product on a more inconspicuous part of your flooring first and be patient when cleaning – and always read the label! Applying too much at once can cause irreversible discolouration to both the stain and your floors.

Do not mix and match

As eager as you may be to get rid of stains, be patient with the process. A study undertaken by the CDC found that poisonings related to combining household cleaning products surged during the Covid-19 pandemic* as people sought to clean their homes with a mix of disinfectants and bleaches.

Be sure to have vacuumed beforehand

Use the right accessories to get into the cracks and crevices to remove all dust – both visible and non-visible to avoid spreading bacteria when you clean afterwards.


Read the full article on hardwood care, including some additional insight into stain removal, by clicking on our ‘How to clean hardwood floors’ link.

If you’d like to share your own tips on cleaning, feel free to add these below. Any other tips you’d like to share, please post them in our ‘Tips and tricks’ section on the Community homepage.

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