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Airwrap - Show me your Curls! PLEASE!

  • 17 February 2023
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Airwrap - Show me your Curls! PLEASE!
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Heyyyyy Everyone! 

New Airwrap owner here.. Hi!

I have all three barrels (20,30 and 40mm). I’m still trying to get the hang of using them but my hair is straight but frizzy.

I used to use my straighteners to get that ‘relaxed beach wave look’ but now all these barrels open a whole new world of opportunities!!!!

I need some inspiration ladies! Please, please show me what hairstyles you’ve achieved with these different barrels. I’m desperate for some tips! 😅

Also, any advice on how to hold the airwrap to get my hair styled quickly would be a bonus! 🤗

Thank you!!

Lily Jane x

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Hi @CurlyJane,

Thanks for sharing this with the community! It’s a great question! 

I can’t think of a better place for this to be, then in our ‘Featured’ section of the homepage! Combined with our ‘Spotlighted Post’ tag, it should help it to stand out even more to our other owners 😀

I actually can’t wait to see what is shared! 

If you’ve not already stopped by our Hair care category, I’d urge you to do so - specifically our Everyday use forum. You may find some inspiration there too 😁.



So.. I’m forever trying new things out! Most of the time I blindly stumbling across a routine that works one moment and I’ve moved on the next 🤣!! I’ll gladly share the one that’s stuck with me and that’s super super quick!! 

Start with wet hair. Dry to about 90% and attach the 30mm barrel. Use a garden pea-size amount of curl cream. Style into super small ringlets and when set, finish with a super small touch of hair spray at just the ends!! 

I can basically leave this in overnight, with minimal effort, and I still have curls the next day!! In the morning I gently brush the curls with my fingers and the smallest amount of hair oil 😍
Voila. 2-day curls ❤️

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Hey Y’all! 

@CurlyJane Have you checked in on the How do I use the Airwrap on my Frizzy/Curly hair? | Dyson Community post by @MaryBonHil ?! There looks like there might just be something there that could help you 😘. I even shared something of my own. 

How to make curls last forever!

Lemon 🍋 

@Bluejeans83 @YellowLemon Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! These tips are great 😍!

By any chance do you know which barrel I'd need to use to get this hairstyle?

Thank you x

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Hey @CurlyJane, you may be able to get this look using 30mm barrels- these are my favourite! 🥰  I also use Corrale to curl my hair which gives a slightly different curl, more of a “beach wave” style. Here are two pics to give you an idea (though my curls are a bit frizzy as these were taken on day 2 😅): 1) styled with the Airwrap 30mm barrels - half straight half wavy 2) styled with Corrale 

Hope this helps! C x

@curlzandwaves. Your curls look amazing 😍! Thank you for sharing!

Do you use any heat protection or products to hold your curls in place? I’ve been trying to get mine to last for more than a few hours and I am struggling 😫!

Thank you x

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@CurlyJane So… in my case heat protection does not work with the Airwrap, my curls drop much quicker! 😥All I do is shampoo my hair with a moisturising shampoo, followed by rinse off conditioner (I alternate between Tsubaki by Shiseido and Aussie). My hair is naturally quite dry, which I think helps hold the curl although I do put in some serum to tame the frizz! I also find that keeping my hair in a bun using a spiral band at night helps me retain the curl. When I use the straighteners, I do use Lee Stafford heat protection spray and finish off with a bit of hair spray. 👍🏻😀 C x