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Customer service in Italy - Delivery help

  • 9 December 2022
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Hi to all, this Is my first post here and sorry if my question is offtopic here. 

I have a problem about the customer service in Italy. The 28/11/2022 i bought a Dyson V8 on the Dyson site. I have filled correctly all info about shipment, but strangly UPS say that miss a house number in the delivery address. I have contacted the customer service in Italy, but they tell me that I need to contact UPS ti correct the address. I have tell to Dyson customer service that is not my problem if in the UPS delivery address miss the house number, and i have request that Dyson must call UPS to correct the delivery address, but the customer service tell me that is not a Dyson problem and that they can't contact UPS. I not want to call UPS, Is not my business or i wrong?

There Is a way to contact someone that control the customer service in Italy? I want to know why some people in the customer service ignore my request and not respond to my WhatsApp messages, also i want to know if it's a customer problem if the Dyson/UPS systems have some bugs to create delivery address labels. 

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Hi @Luca80 

Thanks for posting a questions to the wider community.

It doesn’t look like anyone else has been able to help here, so I thought it best I step in. 

It is correct to say that once the item has been dispatched with the courier service, it is their service team which help with tracking and delivery related questions. However, this sound like a very strange and complicated situation, one which I want to try to find a solution for. 

If you’ve not yet had this item delivered, could please drop me a private message? Please provide me with your address information, order number and full name. I will then contact my counterpart in Italy and ask that they investigate this matter.

To drop me a private message, simply click on my name plate and select the ‘Send message’ option.


Speak soon. 


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Hi @Luca80 

In case you’re having trouble with the above. Our local team would be more than happy to investigate this for you. Feel free to contact them either through a messaging service or via their helpline number. The contact details for Dyson Italy are found on the following link Simply navigate to the page and scroll until you reach the ‘Contact us’ section.