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New V15 and batter won't charge

  • 9 February 2024
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My V15 is under not even 6 months old and the battery seems dead.  I had left it in the machine with some battery power still available.  I tried to use it today and there was none.  I tried to charge it - no blue light goes on.  Any advice?  I have been super careful with this machine and love it!  I’m so disappointed right now...

1 reply

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@tammygagliano  Thanks for your post, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with a power issue.
From your post, it’s not quite clear which part may be faulty. 
It could be either a charger, main body, or battery (or a power outlet, loose connection, etc. I’d recommend a guided troubleshooting here.

With your Dyson...


1. Please load up this guide page with your Dyson in hand :


Please follow the prompts and select the appropriate option on the bottom of each page. The guide will visually walk you through how to to resolve this.

If the steps above don't fix the issue, please contact local support.