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Why isn't my Dyson fan/purifier cooling my room down?

  • 21 June 2022
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Unlike air conditioning units, Dyson Purifiers, Heaters, Fans and Humidifiers have no energy-hungry cooling elements.

They aren't designed to lower the room temperature - they cool you, not the room. The cooling effect comes when the smooth stream of air is projected from the amplifier, and passes over your skin. This is called ‘Wind Chill’.

Simply increase / adjust the speed of the airflow to suit your needs.

1 reply

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Brilliant! However, I am really about to buy the purifier but don’t want the fan to be like the regular fans that have a nice breeze but increases the room temperature, because of fact it’s a machine and the air gets warmer with time. I’ve had so many bad experiences with systems using cold water and ice and I’d wake up soaking wet in a tropical sauna. 
It would be great if you could answer either here or on my question, as I am new and only have a question posted.