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Animal Ball 3, should this clip be here?

I have an Animal Ball 3.  I lost suction in the wand/hose.  I cleared a blockage, but as I was doing so I saw this clip in the hole and to me logically it shouldn’t be there.  I’ll admit, I’m not familiar with the assembly of the vacuum to know if this is normal or not, but it seems to me it would lead to blockages.  Should it be there?



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Hi @aivenssar,

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From the image you’ve shared, it does look like there’s an item lodged inside the internal hose which doesn’t belong there. Removing this (and any other debris which may be trapped around it) should help in restoring full performance to your machine.

Hope this helps, but let us know if further guidance is needed!

Thank you!  I wanted to make sure it wasn’t supposed to be there before I pulled it out.