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Inconsistent fan speed waking up baby

Hi, I’ve had an HP03 for about a week now and we noticed an increase in the night wakes of our baby whose room we bought it for.

It appears that despite setting night mode with a temperature and fan speed, once the temperature drops 1° below the set temperature the fan revs up way higher (from 1 to 4 or 5) than the set lowest setting possible.  After much investigating it turns out this stark and jolting change in fan noise is what has been waking our baby.  It also appears to have annoyed others on this forum and other review pages which I wish I had read before buying this machine.

Why does the machine simply not run the fan at a consistent speed and turn the heating element on and off?  A consistent fan speed that we choose would be less disturbing and the behavior we have had from other cheaper space heaters.  We cannot use this new expensive machine for its intended purpose.  When people set a fan speed, we expect the fan speed to stay at that setting - this feels pretty simple.

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