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Month Old Big + Quiet Nasty Software Bug

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Good afternoon to the community,

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction as I've tried emailing "higher up" in Dyson about a couple of other issues I've had but haven't received anything in coming up a month now.

We've purchased a new Big + Quiet and as much as we love the purifier it's got a nasty software bug that seems to start sporadically then becomes permanent until the power is cut to the machine.

The bug in question is in relation to the display and the ambient light sensor, after a few hours usage the LCD brightness will ramp up and stay at full brightness regardless of the ambient light, as you can imagine in night mode this defeats the objective of the mode in question.

The other behaviour will be night mode will then convert to just the display being off and then when brought out of this mode the ambient light sensor still doesn't kick in so the display is at full brightness.

There seems to be abit of a cloak of secrecy in relation to Dysons software update process, I've received a notification that the purifier had an update a week ago but no changelog or anything of value to tell what's been changed.

Is anyone else having this problem?

@Dyson Community Moderator @Dyson Community Moderator 2 @Dyson Community Moderator 3 is it about time a "Submit a bug Report" option was added to the website or my Dyson app to help real life users help your software team?

I'd expect more from Dyson especially after emailing higher up, but no one has even returned my call to customer service coming up 6 weeks now!


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