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New Formaldehyde Bird Safe?

  • 3 November 2023
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Hey guys so I have a regular old hepa+carbon Dyson purifier but was thinking of upgrading to the new formaldehyde versions. I live in a household with birds and they have very sensitive respiratory systems which basically means any purifier that releases ozone or ions etc whether on purpose or as a by product can be deadly to them. I know Dyson machines don’t do this intentionally but have very little knowledge of how catalytic filters work. 
Does anyone know if the new filters are safe to use around birds or have a bird and use the new ones without problem?

Would really appreciate any knowledge on the matter. 


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Hi @windingdownhour,

The unique selective catalytic oxidation (SCO) filter used by Dyson Formaldehyde purifiers destroys formaldehyde at a molecular level through a process of oxidation, so it can’t off-gas back into the home from the filter.  

The oxygen-rich catalyst surface destroys the formaldehyde by removing its electrons, breaking it into smaller, safer molecules – carbon dioxide and water. The quantities of these molecules produced are tiny - in fact, the SCO filter produces 20,000x less water and carbon dioxide than a mouse gives off breathing per day!

Just to reassure you, Dyson purifiers don’t use ionisation technologies or produce ozone. 

Hope this helps!