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Purifier with a Humming Noise. How can I stop this?

  • 8 August 2023
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Dear All 

last summer saw the arrival of a heatwave that was set to break all records. Due to the nighttime temperature increasing I purchased a fan HEPA formaldehyde and honestly saw a measurable improvement. Packed away for the winter and then unpacked in June this year when we had a few hot days and nights and it’s as if I have a different product. It’s intrusive- it greatly affects the acoustics of my TV. It makes a humming noise at night time not immediate (but wakens me up after 90mins and I now hate it. Last week I slept in for a medical appointment as I couldn’t hear my alarm clock as it drowned out the noise. Can the community help? Dyson you are impossible to get hold of! This monster has greatly damaged my sleep pattern.I have resorted to my trusted Dyson air multiplier as it was basic and did what it was supposed to do.

Dyson can I sell it back to you please?

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Hi @JacobW1

A common questions for sure, its actually been asked and answered numinous times. The CM even created an article and shared some of their insight. Maybe this will help you fix the issue.

My machine is making a humming noise, what does this mean?

When the machine has Continuous monitoring active, some users may hear a humming sound. This is caused by the onboard sensors. Turning Continuous monitoring off in the App will stop this sound from occurring. 

Read the ‘Using Continuous monitoring’ article to learn how to enable and disable this feature.

Where this isn’t the problem, its almost always resulted in a repair. Dyson are best placed to help you there.