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Delivery/Exchange issues

  • 3 January 2024
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Long story somewhat short - I purchased a Dyson V8 and have had two motors die while under warranty. I have spent a lot of time with customer service trying to get this thing figured out. The first time, they sent me a replacement motor but it was backordered so it took a bit. The second time, after some back and forth, they offered to send me a Dyson V8 Absolute. That was agreeable to me but this is where it gets a bit sideways. I was told in chat that I would be sent a label and all I had to do was bring the vacuum to a UPS store and they would pack it up for me and ship it. That was partially true, or at least some important information was omitted. I got the label and took it to the UPS store in the 22nd of December. When I arrived, they told me it should have been customer packed and this created an awkward situation, but in any regard it shipped. It took Dyson 8 days to receive the vacuum and I was told that I would receive the vacuum 5-8 days from the date they received it. After 4 days I had not received an email, a notification, tracking, or anything from Dyson so I decide to follow-up and chat with them again. There was no record of the exchange order, they could not find my vacuum that I returned and I had to provide them the tracking information to prove I sent it back. I was informed that there was an “unforeseen error” on their end and they would do everything they could to make it right. At the end of the chat I am told I will get a confirmation email from Dyson that will contain the tracking information and it will take 10-14 days to get a vacuum. That means I will be without a vacuum for a month. I ask at the end of the chat if there is anything else I need to do and I am assured that there isn’t and it is all taken care of. It has been two days and no confirmation email, nothing with tracking, nothing. I am admittedly being impatient but it will already be a month without a vacuum and I have lost trust in this process based off of my prior exchange. Has anyone else had to exchange a vacuum, and if so, how long did it take to get any communication from Dyson to confirm the replacement was being shipped? It is hard being a trophy dad without a vacuum!!! 

6 replies

Hi @Dougc1976 I am sorry you have had this issue. We do not have order access here in this platform, however I would like to help here. Please feel free to email  and we are happy to provide you with support. List connected community in the subject line and then please provide me the reference number, complete shipping address and any return tracking numbers in that email so I can get this taken care of for you. 

Hey there Teanna,


I did email the address above with a brief summary and tracking information. Unfortunately I was never provided a reference number. I provided the tracking number as well. As of now I still have not received an email from the exchange from 1/02/24. I am not sure of the timeframe but the chat agent made it sound like it would come while we were chatting. Thanks

I had a problem with my V8 which I expressed on here and was contacted by a moderator who told me they would “look into it” and returned with the same vague answer I got from chat. I shipped my V8 back and it was received on 12/29. I was told during chat on 12/22 that I would receive tracking email shortly after chat. No email ever came. I reached out again and they told me via chat that they messed up and never submitted my exchange order. They told me again, the same thing, I would receive an email after the chat detailing the return and it would contain tracking information. 

The moderator told me that it would take 10-15 business days from the time they received it to send me a new one. excluding holidays and weekends, this is day 7 (1/9/24) and I have yet to receive any correspondence. Another Dyson owner reached out to me to ask me questions and she actually decided against returning and was just going to pay to have it fixed after reading the reviews. I went over to Trust Pilot and there are over 3000 1 star reviews detailing the same issue as me. Some people waiting over two months after they sent their vacuum back and still had not received an email. I smell a class action lawsuit coming against Dyson. 

I am having the same issue! This is ridiculous. Especially since they advertise a “hassle free warranty”. False advertising without a doubt.


I spoke with them via phone 12/19/23 telling me to expect an email with UPS information. It never came. Email did come 12/20/23 telling me an “unexpected delay occurred”. After this it was an absolute hassle to finally be able to talk to a person at Dyson, spent hours over a couple of days. Finally got the information to send back the vacuum.


Sent it back, sent them the tracking number. 

Received conformation they received it and I should have confirmation of the new unit being sent out in 5-7 business days and would receive tracking. Now we are here on day 9 without any update and no response when I inquired.


Interesting that Teanna refers you to email them like they’ll respond in any timely manner or be helpful.


Meanwhile the hair from my two cats and dogs build up whilst waiting for my hassle free warranty to kick in a month later.


Was about to buy a second dyson before going through this process. Was eyeing their new gen 5 or v15. Think i’ll go with Tineco or Share.

I encourage you to file a complaint with the FTC so they can investigate and start a class action law suit. I am filling a complaint for more or less the same story. So much for “hassle free warranty”

Just figured I would post an update here. My replacement vacuum is showing that it delivered today. So from the time I sent it back to the time I received it was over a month, with several miscommunications on Dyson’s end. Even the discussion moderator never got back to me after she said she would look into it. I found it interesting also that my warranty was activated a week ago on my replacement vacuum while in transit. So I essentially lost a week of warranty because they activated it when they shipped it. All in all this process has left me to decide to go elsewhere when I replace my vacuum. I also have no idea if this vacuum will work as I have read that numerous folks got vacuums that were dead on arrival or they got a used/refurbished vacuum as an exchange. I would not accept a used/refurbished vacuum as I did not initially purchase a used or new vacuum. If it comes dead on arrival, I will just go buy something from Shark and wait the eternity to get yet another replacement and then just sell it on Facebook Marketplace or something. Dyson customer service is extremely disconnected from its customers. What they promote and promise vs what they actually deliver is not close. Their response is one size fits all, even if they make mistakes. In my case they lost my first claim and I had to start the exchange process all over again. This should have triggered an expedited process on their end but it did not. When you submit a claim and are awarded an exchange, you will have to continuously follow up to ensure it is being handled, keep track of all information such as your tracking number for the item you sent back as well as their exchange number. I was only given this in chat not via email so thank God I had the transcript. Then they will ship it when they please, and they will only ship it via UPS ground so even if you live right next door to UPS, expect about 8 days to receive your item from when they ship it. I am on day 13 and it finally delivered.