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dyson not working in the US

  • 16 February 2023
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So I actually need some help

i have a Dyson that I have purchased in india and now I have completely shifted to the US. Unfortunately the Dyson isn’t working here and I know it’s due to the voltage issues. 
I spoke to the customer care and they instructed me to visit any nearby Dyson show room and that they would help me trade it. But they instead told me that they stopped doing the trade option since 2020. So I am just stuck with the most expensive product without even using it. 

so please you guys help me out with some or the other option.


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3 replies

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When did you buy it?

July 2022


Not sure if you’ve had an answer yet. It looks like there’s one posted against a similar query - Dyson Airwrap - US model doesn’t work in Europe | Dyson Community


We currently we don’t recommend traveling overseas with the Dyson Airwrap as they are intended for use only in the country where they’re sold. This is due to possible voltage differences, and adapters and converters aren’t recommended. Read more about this on our Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler - Can I use it abroad/overseas? article.

With that in mind, taking into consideration your location, the market of purchase and the request of facilitating an exchange, this matter would need to be investigated by our local team(s). As the Airwrap was purchased in the US, you would need to contact them directly and discuss the situation.

I recommend that you contact this team via their ‘Live chat’ feature. One of the market advisers would then be able to look into this matter, offering a confirmation on what service they will be able to offer. To do this, navigate to www.dyson.com/support, scroll to the ‘Contact us’ section of the page.

If you'd prefer, you're welcome to call the Dyson Helpline to speak with our experts directly. You can find their number in the ‘Contact us’ section of the page.


I’d go back to your local Dyson centre and speak to them. The decision is there to make and not something set in stone it seems.