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faulty straigtner battery

  • 31 October 2023
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I am absolutely disgusted with the quality of  Dyson straighteners. I have only had mine 2.5 years and the battery has been slowly dying over the last couple of month, I had a ‘chat’ with Dyson last week who were adamant that there was nothing they could do aside from charge me £100 to get it repaired or replaced or offer me 25% off if I bought another, which is an insult. Having already spent a considerable amount of money to buy it in the first place, I am not prepared to waste any more money on this product. Towards the end of my ‘chat’ the customer service person agreed to Dyson ‘ having a look at it’ It was collected and I’ve now had emails saying it is not even repairable- Dyson must be aware of the faults with their product as there are many forums where people are complaining about the quality, batteries dying and many more. It’s disgraceful that Dyson are happy to sell these straightener at the price they do, knowing full well they are likely to fail in one way or another. I am now aware of several people in my own family and friends group, where this has happened. My own daughter bought one and that failed after only 4 months and had to be replaced. I have insisted my product be returned to me and requested contact detail for their complaints dept - to add, their website states ‘ our products are built to last ‘ which is obviously untrue . I would like to understand if Dyson think, for a product of this expense,  whether  a life expectancy of 2.5 years is reasonable, as I certainly don’t ? If anyone does have contact for complaints dept please let me know 


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Hey there @rdukes I am sorry to hear that you have had this experience. Could you please send me a private message here. I would like to assist you further. 


I have already sent several messages and email regarding this - I have had several ‘chat’ conversations and just get conflicting information- my ‘ chat’ person on Thursday agreed to escalate for a free refurbished pair - my ‘ chat’ person on Saturday agreed that the person on Thursday said this but won’t be confirmed for 48-72 hours and assured me I would hear by Sunday when the 72 hours were up - still joy heard anything, which doesn’t surprise me - I assuming I’ll have to do the whole chat thing again and go over the same things- in the meantime I don’t want to debate my ‘options’ but it’s rather insulting suggesting I either pay another £100 to replace them or waste another £500 On a  new pair that might only last a couple of years again - battery and charging issue’s seem to be a well known theme when you look what other people are putting in forums. Dyson may think that 2.5 years is a reasonable time for a product of this expense to last but the Consumer Right Act of 2015 suggest responsibility for up to 6 years.

I have kept screen shots of my chat conversations, so I can refer back to them, if required 



The corale is absolutely a waste of money.their repair center asked me to pay half the price($250) of the original price for a repair and price higher($600) than my orginal purchase for a new one.then replace again?and again?and again? Since it will not guarantee that it will last long.you are just fooling your customers,Dyson!

My corralle is 3 years old and stopped charging , Dyson informed me they can’t fix it but can offer me 25 per cent off a new one , so basically after 3 years it’s obsolete , ware of money wasn’t even used everyday 

I recently purchased one,  a special gift for my wife. All Dyson products look so wonderful in the stores, we've got the hair dryer which ended up being returned due to a loud whine, Chinese 100$ copy with Phillips motor and same features and magnetic attachments has worked for the last year. We want the vacuum, very pricey. Got the Corralle, It's been having more and more battery problems which led me to this forum searching for a replacement kit. I made a post, no replies. Made an account trying to find customer service, links led me to the community. I sure hope with the money we saved up to get this nice gift somebody has figured a solution and will share. Every single article on the net says the same thing - besides the obvious battery issues it is a wonderful product. We got it for the name and reputation. Hoping that name and reputation lives up to more than hype, other products have been expensive but unmatched. Fingers crossed for a solution beyond a coupon like most others say they received.