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help with refund

  • 4 November 2023
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Hope I can get some answers here from anyone with past experience with this. I placed an order for a Dyson hair styler. It never arrived but the two “free items” did. After two weeks, I called and they said it was back ordered so I just canceled the order and said I would return the free items. Easier to order on Amazon.
Long story short after a month of phone calls, waiting on hold for over an hour, speaking to 4 different people( sucharita, Sergio, Maria, Laura) all promising to send an email for full refund to no avail. (Even one customer service agent answered, and then pretended she couldn’t hear me and hung up.) then I received an email that I must package and return the free items before I get a full refund.  When I called back, Laura told me they don’t accept those free items back and the email was incorrect and to just keep them and that I would get an email and a full refund. Thought I was on the right track. 

I still have NOT received an email or a refund. I mean what terrible customer service for such a great product. I’ve reached out to WhatsApp, who says they will “escalate” to a higher team which I feel is BS because I was  told by Laura that it was already done. 

any advice is greatly appreciated 🙏


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Hi there @Chalfacat I am very concerned to hear this has been your experience. Can you please send me a direct message here so I can look into this for you. Please send me your order/return number. 

Hi, my order 1648175994. I have had to 5 different people tell me I will get my refund. I initially bought this through afterpay and continue to make payments for a product I never received and cancelled. It has been 1 month. 
I am beyond frustrated. 

@Chalfacat Thank you. I am have your order number, I am working on this. I will be in touch soon with a follow up regarding this. 

Hi I am also waiting on my refund. I paid €399 and it is well overdue the 14days mentioned for refunds. I want my refund as soon as possible.  You have received the product by post a few weeks ago. I will be expecting a reply from you as soon as you read this..I have used your WhatsApp for a while and now Dyson not taking further messages.  Its impossible to get through on phone. Regards Rose Noone. 

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Hi @Chanelrose,

I’m sorry to hear that processing your refund has taken longer that it should have done, and that our service experience hasn’t lived up to expectations.

Wait times via our Helpline are longer than normal at the moment, but our Live Chat team will have access to all of your details, and are standing by ready to help. Please visit - once you’ve opened the Dyson Digital Assistant you’ll be able to click the agent icon in the bottom left of the chat window to start a Live Chat session with one of our Experts.

We’ll look forwards to speaking with you.

I also went through this and ultimately never was reimbursed! I had different people tell me I’d be reimbursed and to wait 48hours and then nothing! I will never purchase a Dyson product again. It’s been since November that I’ve tried to get reimbursed for an item I paid for and never received. Giving Dyson a bad name.