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Repair Hairdryer bought from overseas

  • 12 February 2024
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I bought my Dyson supersonic hairdryer a few years ago in Hong Kong, relocated to the UK and used it fine for a few years. It’s not working now so I called the hotline hoping to get a repair. The customer service staff told me if the serial number does not have “UK” (meaning it’s bought here in the UK) they won’t be able to create a case for me. Is there something Dyson can do with this policy? Covering repairs for purchases from overseas? It does not make sense to throw away the hairdryer without even trying to check if it can be repaired, simply because “a case cannot be opened”. I don’t know what I can do with the machine now, it just seems such a waste to dispose of it. Furthermore, I don’t think this is in line with Dyson’s sustainability agenda. I believe Dyson should revisit its repair policy re origins of purchase.


And to add to it, the attitude of the customer service staff is pretty bad, showed no sign at all to offer help.

1 reply

Hi @waiting96  I hope you are having a great day. I am sorry to hear that your Dyson Supersonic is not working as it should.

All machines purchased in a country that they were purchased in is only designed to be used in that country. A repair may not be possible since they are a different voltage. We are a global company and not all parts are the same from country to country.

I hope this helps clear things up as to why they would not be able to repair the machine.