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V15 Animal variant - Is this no longer in production?

  • 19 September 2023
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My wife heard about the Animal variants and I simply cannot find these anywhere other than the Ball. Really looking for the V15 or V12 as she wants a cordless.

Is this in production still? Was the technology rolled into current models?


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Animal is a variant within the range, usually indicating the various tools. The core vacuum, power/suctions/run-time remains the same. If you’re worried about which unit would be best, or ideal for pets, give their Help me Choose - Dyson Cordless Vacuum journey a click. 

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Only ever seem their entry or upgraded model (Detect and Detect Absolute). Difference in this instance is between the amount of tools and heads. Absolute comes with everything available for the range. Think of this as their top tier. 

They don’t do an animal version on this model. The absolute version is better in my eyes. 

Awesome, thanks all!

The absolute comes with the Hepa filter and Laser light on the fluffy head on the V12 and V15.