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What are the differences between Dyson's UK corded upright vacuum range?

  • 21 November 2023
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Hello Dyson Community,

Please can you help.

I am looking at the Dyson Ball Animal Origin vs the Dyson Ball Animal and had a question to ask.

Does one have more suction power than the other? If not what are the reasons for the £50 price difference?

I can see that the Origin model has a longer cord length, is heavier with a larger capacity, but is that all? Is the filtration different?

Before I purchase my next Dyson I would really appreciate your feedback on this?

Thank you.

Kind Regards


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Hi @Jhea8,

Welcome to the Dyson Community! 

The current Dyson Ball™ variants are very similar corded upright vacuums, differing mostly in colourways, and the additional accessories they come with.

You’ve already mentioned two of the main differences in features - the Dyson Ball™ Animal Origin, Dyson Ball™ Animal Multi Floor and Dyson Ball™ Animal Complete have have a longer cord and a larger clear bin to hold more dirt. They also have a telescopic wand for reaching up high and down low, and this is articulated to reduce strain on your wrist while you’re cleaning. These additional features means they do weigh a little more than the Dyson Ball™ Animal, at 7.4kg compared to 7kg. To answer your question, filtration and performance are the same for all Dyson corded upright vacuums in our UK range.

I hope this helps - more details on these machines are available on our website: https://www.dyson.co.uk/vacuum-cleaners/uprights/ball-animal


Thank you Jack for providing some clarity on this.

With that I will purchase the Dyson Ball Animal Origin upright vacuum. 


Kind Regards



I have two further questions related to these products: 1. Are both the Dyson Ball Animal Origin and Dyson Ball Animal acoustically engineered to eliminate annoying tones? 2. Is it possible to remove the motorbar cleaner head from both these products (e.g. for storage)?

Thank you 

Best regards,



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Hi @NHadlow,

Welcome to the Dyson Community, and thanks for your questions! To answer both of these in order:

  • Yes, both of these Dyson upright vacuums have been acoustically engineered to eliminate annoying tones. During development, our engineers test complete machines and individual assemblies to isolate and suppress uncomfortable frequencies caused by vibrations and high-speed airflow.
  • The motorbar cleaner head does detach from the machine - there’s a catch underneath it which you can retract to disconnect the head to check for blockages, or if you ever happen to need to replace the cleaner head. It’s worth highlighting it hasn’t been engineered for continual removal on a daily basis, and the machine may not be as stable if you stand it up for storage without the cleaner head attached.

Hope this helps!

This was one of my queries thinking that the more expensive Animal has better suction which has been confirmed it doesn’t. However, I still have a question regarding the suction of the UK spec’d machine.

I have just purchased the Animal Origin and noticed the air watts shown on the Dyson website seems exceptionally low for a corded vacuum cleaner. This information seems to have disappeared from the Dyson website over the last couple of days but is still showing on some outlets with the AW being 90AW at the hose and only 68AW at the head. This is exceptionally low for a mains cored vacuum and much lower than the recommended guidelines of where a vacuum suction should be.

It is also much les than the videos I have seen for the Canadian market with air watts ranging between 245 and 305 air watts for the Animal 2 / Animal 3.

I purchased this vacuum on the very good reviews on Argos and Very but in reality I believe the suction of the cleaner to be much less than my previous DC07 at the hose which seems quite weak on this model and certainly much less than my Shark NV480 which the Animal has replaced.

On my previous Dyson uprights you can see the dirt in the bin spinning around but on this model it doesn’t cyclone at all. Please note it isn’t even one day old so it hasn’t even had time for anything to get blocked. 

Could my vacuum be faulty.