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Becoming a Community Superuser

Becoming a Community Superuser
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Even before we created the Dyson Community, we set ourselves some very clear goals on what it should be, what it should look like and how it should support Dyson owners and platform visitors alike. 

We wanted to build an engaging community, with a rich knowledge base, where anyone can share their knowledge, offer insights, form connections, learn more about their machines and ultimately support one another. We’ve made a lot of progress in this space already and we know there is still so much more we can do to support you all and recognise you for your contributions.

That’s why were introducing our latest reward, the Superuser!


What is a Superuser? 

The Community is more than the sum of its parts - it’s about you. Our owners, our advocates, our enthusiasts, our everyday users. 

As we want all of you to be involved in shaping the Community, supporting one another, and to be recognised for your engagement as a top supporter, we’re making this new rank available as a reward to our top contributors.

These members will stand out, be looked to in answering questions and always be in the know about the latest information across the platform. 


How do I become a Superuser?

Help by answering question, posing your own, responding to those in need or simply by optimising what’s already here. Sounds simple, right? 

Whenever you post, you’re not just contributing to the wider community, you’re working towards that all important rank and all the fun rewards that come with it!

Simply put, the more you participate, the more you earn, be that as ‘Points’, one of our specialist ‘Badges’ or simply by stepping into the next ‘Ranks’. The higher you go and the more badges you have, the closer you’ll be to becoming one of our Superusers and the close you’ll be to earning those rewards! 

By design, we award points, badges and ranks in the following methods:

  • Points
    Earnt by general engagement. Leaving likes, providing answers, asking questions and responding. Our top contributors show on the Community homepage in a weekly and all-time table.
  • Badges -
    Earnt at a category level. For those that interact the most in a certain category, by asking questions, leaving responses or even answering a question, will be recognised as a category leader and be rewarded with a badge. This is shown against their profile card and is visible for all users to see. 
    Badges have three levels of reward - this is represented by name and through either a 1 - 3 star rating.

    Specialist - Entry level - 1 Star
    Mentor - Intermediate level - 2 Stars
    Champion - Expert level - 3 Stars

  • Ranks -
    Earned for overall platform engagement. These are automatically rewarded once a combination of likes, responses, answers and time on site have been met. Ranks are split into three levels of reward, much like badges. With the later ranks being somewhat harder to achieve. 

    Entry level - Including Rookie and Novice members 
    Intermediate level - Including Bronze, silver and gold level contributors 
    Expert level - Platinum level and our more specialist ranks. 


Can anyone at one of these rank ‘levels’ be recognised as a Dyson Superuser? 

Yes. We look at a combination of points, badges, and ranks when recognising someone as a Superuser.


What if I’m only active in one or two categories, can I still be a Dyson Superuser? 

Yes. Being one of our ‘Superusers’ doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an expert in all things Dyson, we’re after those that are knowledgeable at singular and multiple categories alike! 

Ultimately, earning the Superuser rank is down to you. You’ll need to be active and showcase your knowledge to reach this new and exciting rank and the privileges that come with it…

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Start threads, create a question, or start a conversation using the ‘Create a Topic’ button.
  • Respond to other members’ questions and get your response marked as ‘The Best Answer’.
  • Show your appreciation by giving others a ‘like’ and use the smiley faces at the bottom of articles to rate their helpfulness.


These are just a few ways which will help you on the way to the top! Other Members can help you too, by rating the answers you give and liking the posts you make. It is a community after all. And of course, there are plenty of opportunities to earn rewards along the way.

Think you’re up to the challenge? We’re excited to see who’ll be joining this group of users.  

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I wanna be a Superuser !

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…indeed! Me too!!!!


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Ohhhhh I just got the supporter badge! 😀

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Ohhhhh I just got the supporter badge! 😀

…me too! Yay! 😀 

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Dyson super user I’m excited to be apart of the community! I like joining in on the conversations! 

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This is a great program and I want to become a super user.

I just purchased the Dyson Purifier Humidifier + cool Formaldehyde and want to see or read about what all the information that it gathers up for our use? 

I just purchased the Dyson Purifier Humidifier + cool Formaldehyde and want to see or read about what all the information that it gathers up for our use? 

Most of the material is online via their support site - Support | Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde | Dyson

Try scanning the QR code in the box or checking out what’s showing in the app. 

I wonna be a supestar💗

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Madalina, you ARE a superstar! ❤

I just want to be a Dyson user period 🤣